Welcome to my website. Please enjoy the information about my books, presentations, videos, and latest thoughts (blog) on process, customer experience and compliance. If you would like to speak with me about business challenges, speaking requests, or whatever else may be on your mind, please use my contact page.

A bit about me

What can I say? I’ve been working with process for a long time now. Product design, research, thought leadership, coaching, methods development, implementation, strategy, innovation – and a lot of writing. But I’ve also been studying process for a long time. Very intently I might add. I’ve studied tools, techniques, and particularly the impact of process on people (and their impact on process).

I’m fascinated by the promise of process, and frustrated with the results. If process (i.e. – business process management, process excellence, process improvement) can really be used for value creation, competitive differentiation, and customer satisfaction then what’s stopping us from doing just that?

I consider this a journey. A journey to understanding process and leveraging it for dramatic success – repeatably. We have made some great strides in that direction, but there is more to come. Much more. I hope you benefit from the resources on this site including the latest insights in my blog. You can contact me on my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

As an Author

I am author/contributing author of five books. Protecting Critical Infrastructure, The Insiders Guide to BPM: 7 Steps to Process Mastery, Customer Expectation Management: Success without Exception (sited as a manifesto for those seeking to inspire a greater focus on the experience of customers, Professor Colin Coulson Thomas), Technologies for Government Transformation (acknowledged as one of the Top Ten Books for Public CIOs by Public CIO Magazine, an imprint of Government Technology Magazine), and In Search of BPM Excellence.

My articles have been published in many leading industry journals and magazines including: CNBC, Reuters, Fortune Radio, Business Trends Quarterly, CXO Europe, CXO Americas, ITO America, Newsfactor Network, BPM-Today, CIO-Today, Enterprise Technology Management, Insurance Networking News, IT-Director, IT-Analysis, Adtmag, ebizQ, and Mid Range ERP.

As a Thought Leader

I am a top ten Business Process Management influencer (Influencer50 – 2010) and received the Global Thought Leadership award from the BPM Group in 2007.

As a Speaker

My speaking engagements include: Gartner BPM Summit (San Diego 2010), Business Process Excellence Summit (Dubai 2009), CXO Exchange Financial Services (New York 2008), Business Process Excellence Exchange (London 2008), FST Summit (Evian, France 2007), 3rd Annual BP Innovation Conference (Belgium 2007), Gartner BPM Summit (US 2006).

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