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Protecting Critical Infrastructure

About Protecting Critical Infrastructure

This book presents the approach to critical infrastructure protection taken by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s CIP Standards. These standards apply to the electric industry, and serve to protect our bulk electric grid from compromise or disruption. Karl Perman and Terry Schurter have teamed-up to use their experience consulting with, and designing software solutions for, regulated entities in the electric utility industry. Each standard discussion includes an overview of the security-related purpose of the standard followed by the controls needed to satisfy it. A matrix outlining the artifacts commonly produced from a compliant program, and the types of technology enablers frequently used to manage them, is included for each Standard, Requirement, and Sub-Requirement.

If you want to know more about NERC CIP, about critical infrastructure protection for any industry, or just want to hone your existing CIP skills, this book is for you.

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“A must read for anyone with critical infrastructure protection compliance responsibilities. Karl and Terry breakdown the complex NERC CIP requirements into an understandable framework for all levels of utility compliance expertise. If you need to a crash course in NERC CIP compliance, this is it.”
— Brian Proctor
Utility Cyber Security Expert

“This book provides an excellent introduction to critical infrastructure protection requirements in the electric utility industry. Highly recommended to anyone new to the market or in need of a refresher.”
— Michael Trautman
VP & CTO FoxGuard Solutions

“Too many of us have been affected by security breaches in our retail, healthcare and financial institutions. But have you thought about power, water, or public transportation? It is vital that our critical infrastructures are protected from both physical and cyber threats. This book provides an excellent path for using a set of current standards (North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standards) to inform the security and protection of other critical infrastructures.”
— Kirsten E. Hoyt, Ed.D.
Academic Dean, College of Information Systems and Technology

Insiders Guide to BPM

About the Insiders

From the Author: In this book, The Insiders Guide to BPM, we have distilled the seven steps we see individuals and organizations using to maximize their success with process. The challenge this book addresses is the gap between the few who experience phenomenal success with BPM and the many who struggle to achieve modest goals, and for whom the big wins seem all too elusive.

For you we offer seven steps to mastering your processes as a guide specifically geared to help you join the elite ranks of the Process Masters who are driving success in everything they do.

Those seven steps are:

1 – Understand and Embrace your Goal

2 – Build an Elegant Design

3 – Improve Personal Productivity

4 – Orchestrate for Real-Time Demand

5 – Keep your Process in Tune

6 – Create Transparency

7 – Design, Manage and Deliver the Customer Experience

“The Insiders’ Guide to BPM distills the wealth of experience and insights on BPM that has accrued in the industry since the Third Wave struck the business process community seven years ago. Sobered from the hype, the book provides practicable guidance to do BPM right.”
— Janne J. Korhonen, Independent BPM Consultant

“I have been working with companies to improve their processes for 25 years and believe that Terry and Peter have arrived at the right conclusion with their 7 steps to Process Mastery. This is the only book you need to be successful with your process improvements…”
— Scott Cleveland, Author of the BPM Business Point of View on ebizQ

“An excellent tool for anyone involved in BPM. What I especially like is the discussion about the three affinity groups which gives a solid basis for the better understanding of BPM from different perspectives.”
— Alexander Samarin, Enterprise Solutions Architect at Teamlog (Suisse) S.A.

Customer Expectation Management

About CEM

Customer Expectation Management (CEM) is a business approach that identifies and shapes customer expectations, and once set by the company, those expectations are met without exception.Seemingly simple ideas are often the most powerful, and the hardest to uncover. In the 20th century, it was Peter Drucker’s Management by Objectives. In the 21st century, it’s Management by Expectation.

Author Terry Schurter reveals the simple, yet powerful, idea of defining your business, not in terms of the goods and services you provide, but in terms of “customer expectations.” Schurter explicitly links corporate strategy down into every niche and corner of the enterprise to ensure that your business sets and meets customer expectations –without exception. Providing clear and actionable guidelines, along with examples from FedEx, Virgin Mobile, Best Buy and a budget airline, he explains what companies can do to increase the customer pipeline, convert higher percentages of that pipeline to profitability, and extend the duration of the customer relationship where profitability is at its peak.

A Manifesto…

Simply working harder at existing approaches – even excellent ones – may not be enough to retain demanding customers. As price differentials narrow and product features are quickly copied, business survival requires an unrelenting focus upon identifying and delivering additional and differentiating value for customers. Terry Schurter provides a manifesto for all those who are seeking to inspire a greater focus upon the experience of customers.
— Colin Coulson, Thomas, Professor of Direction and Leadership, University of Lincoln. Author, Winning Companies, Winning People

“The focus of Customer Expectation Management is great and much needed as smart customer interactions are the driving force for sustainable value creation.”
— Freddie McMahon, CEO, Decisionality Ltd

“Increasing globalization, trends towards decentralization and the emergence of new Internet technologies are forcing all public, private and social sector organizations into an Experience Economy in which your activities must be integrated with those of your customers via Human Interaction Management. If you are an executive seeking to help your organization win in such a new and challenging environment, this book will help you develop the culture change necessary to get started.”
— Keith Harrison-Broninski, CTO, Role Modelers Ltd. and Author, Human Interactions: The Heart And Soul Of Business Process Management

Customer Expectation Management shows how customer expectations exist in every point of contact, driving the necessity for repeatable business processes that align a business with its customers’ success. A process-centric organization with that alignment as their goal can go beyond the mere efficiency gains of process improvement to proactively avoid failures – that is, any missed customer expectations – before they occur, and generate a high degree of customer loyalty.”
— Sandy Kemsley, Principal, Kemsley Design and Author,

Contributing Author…

Government Transformation Book
This book provides a comprehensive examination of the benefits, challenges, and key success factors related to the implementation of a broad range of enterprise technologies in the public sector. Applications examined include ERP and its components as well as software that extends Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-such as Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), maintenance management, utility billing, and data warehousing/business intelligence.

With 25 chapters written by leading researchers, public sector practitioners, and consultants, this book presents thought-provoking articles and case studies that are a must-read for those seeking to achieve a whole-scale transformation of public management.

Technologies for Government Transformation acknowledged as one of the Top Ten Books for Public CIOs by Public CIO Magazine, an imprint of Government Technology Magazine.

Technologies for Government Transformation wins 2006 Award for Most Effective Education from Governmental Research Association.

In Search of BPM ExcellenceBPM sits at the heart of the Business Evolution we have now begun to experience — and that will continue to be a primary economic driver over the next several decades. This book, In Search of BPM Excellence, is for those who want to sustain consistent, ongoing success, profit, and growth of their businesses in the midst of the current sea of change. This is the book for those in search of excellence.

This book brings together some of the best minds to explore the role and value of BPM, and what it portends. In its pages you will find the essential discussions and insights, straight from the thought leaders including…

Thought Leaders…

Terry Schurter
Peter Fingar
Andrew Spanyi
Roger Burlton
Ronald Ross

…and more

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