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Process Driven Compliance Controls

An interesting take on process is the role it can play in compliance. Internal compliance controls traditionally look to either enforce policies or monitor for compliance issues. While this approach has merits, it has several characteristics that fall short of the goals of the organization. First, the "process" portion of compliance controls often remains disconnected from the work people perform outside of ...

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The New Frontier of Process Management

The latest BIG THING worth sharing is a remarkable evolution in process management - what I call "real-time process orchestration at the edge." It's big, really big, and companies that desire to remain relevant and successful need to pay attention. The concept is really the practical application of what I have being talking about for a long time - the use of Process Management to dramatically improve custom ...

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The True Cost and Time of a Process

The time and cost of a process usually defaults to analysis that stems from time study practices of the past. In the good (bad?) old days, Industrial Engineers would flock to the manufacturing floor with funky looking clipboards crowned with stop watches. They would patiently observe the activities of workers, clicking away on their stop watches, timing each activity down to the second. Their reports would ...

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Value Creation

There are many measures we can use to determine a process’s value. Cost and time are quantitative (are they really? – I will discuss this in my next blog) measures frequently used. Quality can certainly be a quantitative (production defects, returns, rework) measure but with knowledge worker products traditional production measures don’t have the same meaning; for example, what are the quality measures for ...

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