Terry Schurter:
Software Industry Analyst

Terry Schurter
Software Industry Analyst

Specializing in analysis of the BPM Industry:
(Business Process Management)
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About me? Well, I was born in 1957 in Peoria, Illinois. I'm married to Christy (Ellsworth) Schurter. We just celebrated our 21st anniversary.

We have one daughter, Leah (Schurter) Morse married to a great guy (and not a bad dotNet programmer) Alex Morse.

My Career? A fascinating journey garnering a vast experience base to draw from in all of my activities. I have been:

  • Software Analyst (BPM focus)
  • Professional Writer/Author
  • Software VP of Engineering
  • Software Program Manager
  • Co-founder of Xfactory
  • Business Owner
  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Integrator
  • Engineering Manager for a Radioactive Waste Management Company
  • Electrical/Controls Engineer (Won the George Westinghouse Signature of Excellence Division & Corporate Awards)
  • Correctional Officer
  • UAW Journeyman Electrician

We live in the Dallas Metroplex - just North of the City of Dallas. We like the Dallas area. It is a fun place to live with plenty of interesting things to keep us busy in our spare time.

We have two minature schnauzers - Rufus and Cricket whom we love dearly.

We have made a lot of good friends here and enjoy meeting with our friends as often as possible. We frequently take advantage of the wealth of musical talent showcased in this area.

Schedule for release soon.

Science Fiction Novel
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My interests include analyzing complex enterprise software markets, writing non-fiction books in my professional focus and science fiction novel writing - my hobby of choice.

I have numerous short stories, professional articles and general interest magazine articles published.

This is the site of Terry Schurter, Professional Business Writer. Terry Schurter provides services on a freelance basis to corporations, businesses, information portals, magazines and information aggregators. Current focus area is BPM, or Business Process Management. Terry Schurter is a recognized expert in BPM, both in BPM technology, BPM analysis, and BPM consulting. Terry Schurter provides professional writing services to numerous clients. Services include product positioning, case studies, analytical briefs, solution stories, press releases and other business documents. With overall focus on enterprise software (including BPM, ERP, MES, SCM, SCO, CRM, SFA and others, Mr. Schurter is uniquely suited to helping software technology companies and buyers produce documentation that appropriately addresses each customers needs. Also, as an expert in BPM, Mr. Schurter is in process of producing several professional trade series books with major publishers - the first of which is titled the ABCs of BPM.