CIP Low: Compliance Program Guide

This book is focused on protecting Low Impact only BES assets, and their associated BES Cyber Systems & Cyber Assets.

Based on NERC CIP Standards CIP-002-5.1a and CIP-003-6, with relevant consideration for pending versions CIP-003-7 and CIP-003-TCA, the steps and actions needed to ensure NERC CIP compliance are laid out here in plain English.

So whether you need a refresher, are filling an information gap, prepping for upcoming compliance dates, or just like to read as much as you can about such an enthralling subject like NERC CIP Compliance, we think you’ll find something value in these pages.

The goal of this book is to see through the trees to find the forest because the better we understand what we are doing, the better we will be at doing it. If you need to know about NERC CIP Low Impact, this book will help you do just that.

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