This is one for the history books folks. In recent dealings with Comcast I had several things occur that I would not have thought possible. These events took to a dark place, one I had THOUGHT corporate America and finally figured out they have to stay away from.

What could possibly be that bad?

Ever heard of a Moment of Truth? Obviously Comcast has not.

Moments of Truth occur when companies interact with their customers. This is where customers satisfaction or dissatisfaction comes from. This is the land of Magic and Misery.

And oh the misery I experienced with Comcast.

What could be that bad? Not just one thing but two, and both are unforgivable.

MOMENT OF TRUTH 1 – As a former Comcast customer, I consumed internet and VOIP phone service – no “cable” programming. I don’t watch network television ever, haven’t had a TV with live content for over 10 years. I hate it. For me the shows are trash, the commercials are worse, and the entire thing is just one great big distraction from that life really has to offer. You don’t have to agree with me, I don’t expect that you do. But you should certainly be able to understand I have the right to this choice – that is I did.

Suddenly at the end of my existing contract, Comcast raised my rate by 50% (YES – 50 Percent!!!!). No improvement in any service and the ONLY other option to get a different price is to buy the “bundle” including network programming for the SAME PRICE as not including. Oh my, they’re giving something for free! Bullshit, they’re trying to FORCE me to purchase a product I do not want. That is PRICE FIXING and that is ILLEGAL (CRIME PART 1).

What is the result? I immediately decided I would not be doing any more business with Comcast. I will not be treated this way by any corporation and put my $$ where my heart goes. Not happy but not horrible… but then.

MOMENT OF TRUTH 2 – Here’s where things go really dark, where we now see now the Comcast Board of Directors and Executive Staff really see the world. Contacting Comcast to cancel my service (at which point I have no contract with Comcast and certainly have EVERY LEGAL RIGHT TO CANCEL AT MY WHIM and what happens…

UNBELIEVABLE! I’m forced to engage in argument with the Comcast Representatives who simply will NOT cancel my account. What the hell? I was forced to threaten legal action before they would process my request! In America? Are you kidding me?

Goodness, does Comcast have no recollection of the Direct TV – Dish Network fiascos of the past where lawsuits are still being processed? I’m certain they do, and I’m certain they don’t care for the simple reason they believe they can stuff more money into their pockets, not workers pockets of course, and as long as they can do that they really don’t care.

But I sure care and I for one will certainly not patronize Comcast ever again. Just as I will never patronize Wells Fargo for their almost incomprehensibly long list of misdeeds. This kind of dirty business needs to be eradicated from our world.

Oh, and for some reason there should happen to A PERSON at Comcast that actual cares about things like this and wants to try and do something right for a change, well I have the perfect answer for you.

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Custeomer Expectation Management