Now Available: The Bridging the Gap Toolkit

Using technology to drive revenues, reduce costs and enhance service

The Bridging the Gap Toolkit provides an actionable approach to leading and applying technology against core business issues of the organization.

Technology is not a differentiator… but how we use Technology can be. The most successful organizations use technology to differentiate.

But they don’t buy technology to differentiate, they apply technology to differentiate. The secret is in the application, and that is the secret to Bridging the Gap between IT and the business.

We all know the GAP exists; and “gap” is about the best word we have for describing this disconnect we know is there. There is definitely something amiss between IT and the business. You can feel the difference whenever these two aspects of the organization converse.

But while many approaches strive to create new linkages between IT and business the gap still remains. We need a unifying force, a common denominator that sits outside of both entities. That common element is the Customer – or we would say the outside-in perspective of the Customer.

What happens when we put this common denominator into play? Through the use of Successful Customer Outcomes, Moments of Truth and Auditing we can immediately create actionable strategy to not just bridge the gap but can eradicate it completely.

It’s a case of alignment, perspective and of asking the right questions for the right reason. Those questions lead us to:
• uses of technology that explicitly produce the Triple Crown benefits of Increased Revenues, De-creased Costs and Enhanced Customer Service
• a common framework for team work, communication and idea sharing (the customer)
• the challenging of everything we do in respect to the effect it may have on our customers (the very lifeblood of our businesses)

The opportunity is huge. Very few technologists have grasped these basic concepts in a way that can be used in their daily activities. This toolkit changes all of that. For the first time ever, technologists have a simple and proven way to align themselves to the business and the creation of business value.

The Business Rules Toolkit is available as an ebook on Amazon here…

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