Now Available: The Innovation Toolkit

Innovating on the Customer Value Proposition for Market Growth

The purpose of the Innovation Toolkit is to give you an actionable approach to Innovating on your Customer Value Propositions for the purpose of creating and sustaining Market Growth.

The challenge of competing in the 21st Century Customer-Driven Economy

All we have to do to know the challenge of competing in the 21st Century Customer-Driven Economy is to look at the news headlines to see what big company is struggling to produce profit today.

Nobody is immune and what worked yesteryear won’t work now.

Of course we all know that. But if so then why do we insist on cost-cutting strategies; glossy, big-budget marketing campaigns (you know how much you hate those overdone advertisements? your customers hate them just as much); sales blitzes; reorganizations; Six, Eight or Ten Sigmas (what’s a sigma?); and Lean (a diet?) something or other?

It’s simple, because we don’t know how to harness the power of innovation as a practice and as a behavior.

That’s what the Innovation Toolkit is for. The Innovation technique in this toolkit is the first technique to repeatedly and reliably move us into the state of innovation (it is a very specific physiological state by the way). And it moves us there in respect to the Value Proposition we deliver to our Customers.

Which is very important because in the economy today you won’t win on price; you won’t win on volume; you won’t win on brand; and you won’t win on marketing.

The only place you’re going to win is with your customers, and if you want to create Market Growth then you need to start figuring out how to innovate on your Customer Value Proposition. That’s the reason for the Innovation Toolkit.

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