Now Available: The Moments of Truth Toolkit

Putting Customer Satisfaction to Work for You

The purpose of the Moments of Truth Toolkit is to give you an actionable approach to making Customer Satisfaction work in your favor… to recast it as a positive, enabling effect rather than a negative, revenue-stealing one.


They are the heart and soul of every business. We spend enormous amounts of time, money and energy to better serve our customers.
Yet even following our best efforts, instead of making the customer experience better, it often gets worse!

And if we aren’t making it worse, at the very least we are making that customer experience unpredictable.

But what do our customers want? They want a predictable and satisfactory experience. They want us to meet their expectations each time they interact with us. They want us to do the work and then they want to get on with their lives.

So why does the customer satisfaction and experience inconsistency problem exist? If the customer doesn’t want that and we don’t want it either, then where is the disconnect happening?

Certainly, creating and propagating the problem is not our intent. Our intent is just the opposite. The problem isn’t how much effort we are putting out. We put out a lot of effort in connection with our customers and in improving the experience they have with us.

We are using the wrong tools, the wrong approach, even the wrong thinking and that is hitting us where it hurts… right on the bottom line. That’s the reason for the Moments of Truth Toolkit.

The Moments of Truth Toolkit is available as an ebook on Amazon here…

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