The New Frontier of Process Management

The latest BIG THING worth sharing is a remarkable evolution in process management – what I call “real-time process orchestration at the edge.” It’s big, really big, and companies that desire to remain relevant and successful need to pay attention.

The concept is really the practical application of what I have being talking about for a long time – the use of Process Management to dramatically improve customer experiences, kill of the majority of failure points (Moments of Truth), and keep the process totally engaged at the customer point of contact. Sprinkled in with a healthy does of efficiency, this approach results in dramatic cost savings and reduced elapsed time while redefining customer experiences that inspire and delight. Of course, riding on the back of these improvements is employee satisfaction.

Want to learn more?

Check out this article I wrote from conversations with some of the customers of one BPM vendor – Newgen Software:

And if you are attend the BPM and Case Management in DC in June, well, make sure you stop by to see my presentation on Process Efficiency!

Terry Schurter